Swimming at Balamuri

On a weekday, I decided to take a stroll by the river side. This time I choose balamuri in the outskirts of Mysuru. It was about 11 AM when I reached there. The day was a little cloudy shielding me from the burning sun. Cool breeze sailed on the cold waters passing by my side reminding me of the passing of the time. With little rainfall in the last couple of years img_1638I expected little or no water here to indicate it as a river. Contrary to my thoughts she was flowing but not with all her might. she was full enough to satiate people as a rightful getaway from the noise of the jungle we live in.
People from various places come here and enjoy every bit of time they spend.  Many get into the water especially during dry season when water is relatively safe and not flowing over the check dam. Few brave hearts venture further deep into the middle relishing relatively clean waters. For me the place looked like a giant swimming pool. I usually watch people playing in water rather than getting into it. What I realised was the opportunity I was missing by not taking a plung. I told my better half that, “next time I come maybe I should get a life jacket(as I don’t know swimming)”. I could feel many like me who do not know swimming learning, enjoying in the vastness of river Cauvery. Probably I’ll visit again soon as I don’t want beautiful things pass by when they are still beautiful.


History Of Karnataka State






Geographically located on the south western part of South India, Karnataka has abundant natural resources. Its western ghats with rich forest resources, and plain valleys, is crowned with more prosperous narrow coast line. Its Mangalore Newport has enhanced its value in terms of international trade with rich foreign exchange. Above all, it has rich cultural tradition and puranic legends of historical importance.

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